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I’ am a P.O.E.T

Posted in Poetry on June 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson


I’ am a poet…

A person with extraordinary talent.

I spring words on a page.

I make them fall like rain.

Writing of life.

Giving word to the picture of strife.

Writing of pain.

Making this page my domain.

Writing of joy.

Which to some may annoy.

Writing of love.

The beat of the heart

I try speak of.

My words are like the wind.

Flowing effortlessly

and yet it comes from within.

My words are like snow,

Icy smooth from head to toe.

My words are like water.

Words that flow elegantly,

and never falter.

Rhyming a bit here.

Rhyming a bit there.

Spitting a little knowledge.

About the words,

that need to be acknowledged.

Trying to seek the word called art.

and bring to life

The feelings I impart.

Because hey…

I speak from my heart.

So you ask me why I write?

Because it’s my pen that shines bright,

Like wind it takes flight.

and with it creates life.

Words that hold a little bite.

Words that may have a little insight.

Words with power to ignite.

Because baby…

I‘ am a P.O.E.T,

And to write

Is my god given right!

© Copyright February 7, 2011.  By Terri Johnson.


Children Lost

Posted in Poetry on June 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson

Children Lost

I’ve seen the cries

in the eyes

of children’s lies.

A call for help

that is always denied.

Alone and destitute

homeless chaos and demise.

Lonely children

with a whispered voice.

One they did not

take on by choice.

A meagerless paradise lost.

A paradise in which they can never rejoice.

Freedom ripped in shreds.

No place or home

to call their own.

Instead a street they dread.

No love to be had,

and no hearts to be fed.

Children so weak,

themselves wishing they were dead.

A darkness with no light.

Youths struggling in the fight.

Wishing with all their might.

for a love,

which is their human right.

Tears of dirt and grime.

memories of innocence lost in time.

Children forced in lies.

homeless in chaos and demise.

Clothes ripped and torn.

drug induced frowns weakly worn.

streets be told

of chaos in the morn.

Lost in the streets.

souls whithered in defeat.

Homes scattered in concrete.

Children Lost

Bargained souls be their cost.

hearts given and freely tossed.

Children trapped in time.

Their tears mirror mine.

souls covered in grime.

My heart goes out to each

and everyone of you

in this rhyme!!!

© 2010  By Terri Johnson

A Childhood Tainted

Posted in Poetry on June 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson

A Childhood Tainted

Memories of latenight swims and lollipops.

Knowing what this indicates,

my heart drops.

Mommy was always busy,

This I understood.

A place of trust my mommy left me.

only because she thought it safe

and she knew she could.

An innocent brush here.

An innocent brush there.

I knew it was wrong,

In my mind I was screaming NO!

More then a lifetimes experience

and my whole life was already blown.

My supposed family,

my darkest enemy.

Brought touches of screams.

and kisses of devious schemes.

An innocence forcibly stripped.

A childhood tainted and ripped.

It was the way he held my hand.

That sent shivers of terror down my spine.

Being lead to a room,

akin to a chamber of demonic darkness.

Innocent tickles,

of trickling chills.

Leering smiles

that promised him great thrills.

You battered my childhood.

Stripped my spirit of clean.

Marked my innocent child body

with shame.

Riddled me with personal blame.

Made me trapped

in a cage built with rage.

Mistrust was grown within me.

Harboured self doubt about who I was to be.

You stole from me something precious.

Now I want it back.

My tears were once shed gold.

No more,

now tears of self scold,

and grimed with dirt and mold.

You forever darkened a part of me.

But that doesnt mean i will never be free.

My childhood you tainted.

My childhood soul rusted with sickening chains.

My foul captor no more.

Now as adult I am settling the score.

You cant freely take whats not yours.

A childhood you have tainted…

But Nothing More. 

© copyright 2010.  Terri Johnson

Native Queen, Native Queen

Posted in Poetry on June 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson

Native Queen, Native Queen

Your beauty so composed

in splendor.

Always wearing your Native Pride

with honor.

So delicate in form,

with classic poise.

Blood roots

so intricately worn.

So entrenched in tradition,

soaking our youth with the teachings.

Gifts of stories

that she will never be preaching.

Native Queen, Native Queen

So natural and sweet.

So wise and gifted.

With beauty that never will fade.

Struggles you hold well.

Pain felt but you never tell.

With your heart on your sleeve.

So loyal,

your family you will never leave.

Native Queen, Native Queen

You hide your burdens well.

Hardships a testament

that shapes your strength well.

Theres is not another like you.

Because you give your all in everything that you do.

Native Queen, Native Queen

You hold your head held high.

So proud and strong,

you practically touch the sky.

You shed tears of diamonds and gold.

Because your beauty is timeless

and it will never get old.

For all the Native Queens

no two alike.

all will shine in any light.

So heres a bow to you

in honor.

Because your Native Pride will never Falter!

© Copyright January 4, 2010. By Terri Johnson