Children Lost

Children Lost

I’ve seen the cries

in the eyes

of children’s lies.

A call for help

that is always denied.

Alone and destitute

homeless chaos and demise.

Lonely children

with a whispered voice.

One they did not

take on by choice.

A meagerless paradise lost.

A paradise in which they can never rejoice.

Freedom ripped in shreds.

No place or home

to call their own.

Instead a street they dread.

No love to be had,

and no hearts to be fed.

Children so weak,

themselves wishing they were dead.

A darkness with no light.

Youths struggling in the fight.

Wishing with all their might.

for a love,

which is their human right.

Tears of dirt and grime.

memories of innocence lost in time.

Children forced in lies.

homeless in chaos and demise.

Clothes ripped and torn.

drug induced frowns weakly worn.

streets be told

of chaos in the morn.

Lost in the streets.

souls whithered in defeat.

Homes scattered in concrete.

Children Lost

Bargained souls be their cost.

hearts given and freely tossed.

Children trapped in time.

Their tears mirror mine.

souls covered in grime.

My heart goes out to each

and everyone of you

in this rhyme!!!

© 2010  By Terri Johnson


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