Native Queen, Native Queen

Native Queen, Native Queen

Your beauty so composed

in splendor.

Always wearing your Native Pride

with honor.

So delicate in form,

with classic poise.

Blood roots

so intricately worn.

So entrenched in tradition,

soaking our youth with the teachings.

Gifts of stories

that she will never be preaching.

Native Queen, Native Queen

So natural and sweet.

So wise and gifted.

With beauty that never will fade.

Struggles you hold well.

Pain felt but you never tell.

With your heart on your sleeve.

So loyal,

your family you will never leave.

Native Queen, Native Queen

You hide your burdens well.

Hardships a testament

that shapes your strength well.

Theres is not another like you.

Because you give your all in everything that you do.

Native Queen, Native Queen

You hold your head held high.

So proud and strong,

you practically touch the sky.

You shed tears of diamonds and gold.

Because your beauty is timeless

and it will never get old.

For all the Native Queens

no two alike.

all will shine in any light.

So heres a bow to you

in honor.

Because your Native Pride will never Falter!

© Copyright January 4, 2010. By Terri Johnson


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