Her Tears

Her Tears ~


They were messages sent from the dark.

Sent from hate to deliver straight from the heart.

She couldn’t just leave it.

She went to him.


Her curiosity got the best of her.

her anger was the spark.

It was only a matter of time,

before the shit hit the fan.


She got to the scene of the crime.

Yet she didn’t know it was

where the storm would erupt.

Thunder could be heard in the distance.


Violent shouts of spattered sound waves

reverberated throughout the night.

Waving fists were flown here and there.

Minutes past.

seconds slowly ticked by.


He grabbed her arms and held her

in his steel grip.

She could feel his anger

tremor throughout his body.


Her fear and anger mingled with

an uncertain tingle.

A pounding started in her head,

and followed a path straight to

her neck.


Like angry mosquito’s.



not giving an inch.


It was the calm before the storm.

The message that had been warned,

a telling she ignored.

For which now she has sworn,

her anger and justice scorned.


One night gone haywire.

a night inked in bloody fire.

A message of black satire.

A fate that turned dire.


Now only she pays the price.

Her hidden silence

of lies,

catching up to the bruises

and fallen tears that she cries.


Fallen tears that only she feels

hidden tears that only she can see.

Blinded tears that only fall

with the scene in her mind,

coming in cadence

with her fears.


©Copyright August 23, 2011.  By Terri Johnson


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