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I Found You

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized on February 8, 2012 by Terri L. Johnson

I Found You ~

Beneath the moon

I saw your face.

Covered in sweet misty haste.

Like a whisper so soft and chaste.

I knew I couldn’t let this moment waste.

Your eyes so bright

you made my breath catch.

so heart wrenchingly beautiful

my love for you

was becoming irrefutable.

The wind caught your scent

with it a promise

that became heaven sent.

two hearts beating as one.

I knew our story had just begun.

I could feel your skin

even before you grasped my hand.

The touch of your fingers

held close against mine

was like heavens divine.

The tingle of awareness

you gave me,

was so sweet and ever bliss.

One kiss was a treat

that escaped my thoughts.

in between the beats

it was the skips that I fought.

Could you feel

how fast my heart was beating?

Could you hear

the shallowness of my breathing?

Could you feel

the fleeting shutters

of butterflies that you set off

just by your look?

You know

it was my heart

you just took.

I found you

all soft and tough

at the same time.

Intense and affectionate

I wanted you to be mine.

but even the moon

could not grant me this.

it was like a fleeting wisp.

A tremor of a heartbeat,

a fate I couldn’t cheat.

So my heart wrenched.

My hearts cry lay wasted and drenched.

Depleted and drained,

wilted and pained.

An agony I didn’t want to embrace.

But it ripped me to the core.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

So I turned my head away

I knew I couldn’t stay.

Accepting this cruel fate

I needed to draw and abate

and leave you in haste.

My heart will shatter if I stay.

I want to remember the look of you.

Just the glimpse to get me through.

I’ll keep the moment close to my heart.

Since its best that we just stay apart.

So here I say goodbye today.

Beneath this moon

and hope one night soon.

You will remember

as I will

the night I found you.

© January 18, 2012 By Terri Johnson .