Dream Shadow

Dream Shadow ~

Sleep was so elusive.

thoughts of you moments before,

were now starting to become intrusive.

Those thoughts were harboring on the edges

of my mind making me wish they were so inclusive,

almost begging for you to become mutually exclusive.

My dream shadow had me wanting.

making all my fantasies before,

quite erotically haunting.

Because of your allure,

you were becoming quite sinfully taunting.

In my dream I was craving your touch.

My body shivered from wanting you so much,

keeping the lines of my nerves so taut and such.

You were fast becoming my sexual crutch.

The hard thrust of you

the sweet friction

that only you induced,

I’m one live wire that can’t be diffused.

Feeling the silkiness of your body against mine,

sending delicious pleasure up and down my spine.

exquisite pain of ecstasy

was now becoming my only life line.

Tossing and turning in the sweet abyss.

I already craved the sweetness of your kiss.

Damn this dream is one I always miss.

Dream shadow,

dream shadow

with your sexual hallow.

sinful and sweet making me

want to stay in my sleep.

The sweetest feeling

I definitely want to keep.

© Copyrights August 16, 2012.  By Terri L. Johnson


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