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I laid my palm against your cheek

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized on January 3, 2013 by Terri L. Johnson

I laid my palm against your cheek ~

I laid my palm against your cheek.

leaving me breathless

and unable to speak.


loving the warmth

and electricity

that came from the contact.

Emotions swirled

one after another,

over just how a simple touch

could create such an impact.


how simple and fleeting the act could erupt.

so fast and recurring I just couldn’t get enough.

As my hand retreated

the contact and electricity depleted.

I laid my palm against your cheek.

Now I will always have a sweet memory to keep 


© Copyrights January 2, 2013. By Terri L. Johnson.


Lost love found again

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized on January 1, 2013 by Terri L. Johnson

Lost love found again.

I walked down the street as the setting sun

was beginning to wane.

The dusk cast shadows

upon the street sidewalks ahead of me.

The scene reminded me of the time we met.

I could still smell the jasmine in the air.

I could still feel the summer breeze,

as it embraced us both in its accepting ease.

My heart had fluttered when you brushed

aside my hair.

My breath caught as I saw the loving intensityof your stare.

It was that night you kissed me for the first time.

I remembered your lips upon mine.

Soft and so supple.

True heavens divine.

Horns were blaring,

crashing me into brutal clarity.

A fleeting memory of a now gone,

lost love.

The trains tonight were fierce.

Crowds milled everywhere.

of course for them,

love was in the air.

with a sad gait

I made my way.

Caught a train to take me away.

Well only to 1st and 49th.

But still away from

this sugary and saccrine valentine melee.

It was no where near summer

and the air was cold and crisp.

The train was crowding and

the fill was becoming brisk.

I couldnt find a seat,

so I chose to stand in my retreat.

As my hand grasped the pole,

the same moment the train took a jolt.

A hand steadied my impending fall.

My breathe caught.

Eyes locked.

Fingers touched.

Could this be?

Stood before me,

was my long lost love.

The roar of the train continued on,

my heart beat, so strong.

A smile, he graced upon me.

Like the memory of the unforgotten kiss,

he left me with.

Valentines day,

look what you did…

(c)Copyrights by Terri L. Johnson.