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I laid my palm against your cheek

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized on January 3, 2013 by Terri L. Johnson

I laid my palm against your cheek ~

I laid my palm against your cheek.

leaving me breathless

and unable to speak.


loving the warmth

and electricity

that came from the contact.

Emotions swirled

one after another,

over just how a simple touch

could create such an impact.


how simple and fleeting the act could erupt.

so fast and recurring I just couldn’t get enough.

As my hand retreated

the contact and electricity depleted.

I laid my palm against your cheek.

Now I will always have a sweet memory to keep 


© Copyrights January 2, 2013. By Terri L. Johnson.


Lost love found again

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized on January 1, 2013 by Terri L. Johnson

Lost love found again.

I walked down the street as the setting sun

was beginning to wane.

The dusk cast shadows

upon the street sidewalks ahead of me.

The scene reminded me of the time we met.

I could still smell the jasmine in the air.

I could still feel the summer breeze,

as it embraced us both in its accepting ease.

My heart had fluttered when you brushed

aside my hair.

My breath caught as I saw the loving intensityof your stare.

It was that night you kissed me for the first time.

I remembered your lips upon mine.

Soft and so supple.

True heavens divine.

Horns were blaring,

crashing me into brutal clarity.

A fleeting memory of a now gone,

lost love.

The trains tonight were fierce.

Crowds milled everywhere.

of course for them,

love was in the air.

with a sad gait

I made my way.

Caught a train to take me away.

Well only to 1st and 49th.

But still away from

this sugary and saccrine valentine melee.

It was no where near summer

and the air was cold and crisp.

The train was crowding and

the fill was becoming brisk.

I couldnt find a seat,

so I chose to stand in my retreat.

As my hand grasped the pole,

the same moment the train took a jolt.

A hand steadied my impending fall.

My breathe caught.

Eyes locked.

Fingers touched.

Could this be?

Stood before me,

was my long lost love.

The roar of the train continued on,

my heart beat, so strong.

A smile, he graced upon me.

Like the memory of the unforgotten kiss,

he left me with.

Valentines day,

look what you did…

(c)Copyrights by Terri L. Johnson.

I Found You

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized on February 8, 2012 by Terri L. Johnson

I Found You ~

Beneath the moon

I saw your face.

Covered in sweet misty haste.

Like a whisper so soft and chaste.

I knew I couldn’t let this moment waste.

Your eyes so bright

you made my breath catch.

so heart wrenchingly beautiful

my love for you

was becoming irrefutable.

The wind caught your scent

with it a promise

that became heaven sent.

two hearts beating as one.

I knew our story had just begun.

I could feel your skin

even before you grasped my hand.

The touch of your fingers

held close against mine

was like heavens divine.

The tingle of awareness

you gave me,

was so sweet and ever bliss.

One kiss was a treat

that escaped my thoughts.

in between the beats

it was the skips that I fought.

Could you feel

how fast my heart was beating?

Could you hear

the shallowness of my breathing?

Could you feel

the fleeting shutters

of butterflies that you set off

just by your look?

You know

it was my heart

you just took.

I found you

all soft and tough

at the same time.

Intense and affectionate

I wanted you to be mine.

but even the moon

could not grant me this.

it was like a fleeting wisp.

A tremor of a heartbeat,

a fate I couldn’t cheat.

So my heart wrenched.

My hearts cry lay wasted and drenched.

Depleted and drained,

wilted and pained.

An agony I didn’t want to embrace.

But it ripped me to the core.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

So I turned my head away

I knew I couldn’t stay.

Accepting this cruel fate

I needed to draw and abate

and leave you in haste.

My heart will shatter if I stay.

I want to remember the look of you.

Just the glimpse to get me through.

I’ll keep the moment close to my heart.

Since its best that we just stay apart.

So here I say goodbye today.

Beneath this moon

and hope one night soon.

You will remember

as I will

the night I found you.

© January 18, 2012 By Terri Johnson .

If You Really Knew Me

Posted in Poetry on August 30, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson

If you really knew me…


I’m a single parent of four beautiful children

I make it on my own yet

I’m finding it tough to handle things.


it’s hard to keep a smile on the outside

knowing that you are not doing

all you can without any strings



It breaks my heart

when I see my little souls cry.

Only to get hurt by the dad who

has scratched

them out of his life.


light wounds left festering,

forgotten and infected.

Withering with

self hatred, guilt and anger.


Blaming themselves for a relationship

they had no control of

for a marriage they didn’t

set anchor to.


their parents blindingly

set their paths,

knowingly raked their backs

of the common thread of disease

known as misleading love and abuse.


Abuse of the soul.

their souls that were left

barely whole

from parents abuse

of selfish lies and misguided cries.


I cry for my children each and every day

knowing I failed them in a very special way.

I still know I can’t ever make things okay.

Because I was part of the problem

and now they have to pay.


I condemn myself

a thousand times over.

knowing I can never

quite recover

all that I took from them.


I hang my head in self hate.

Point my own fingers in self blame.

Spill my own tears in judgment

only to know I will forever feel

their pain.


I know I’ am not a good parent

and I know I have wronged my loves.

If you really knew me…

being the one who hurt them,

is something I’m not proud of.


I made them witness my pain.

Made them see my shame.

Now I only have myself to blame.

for the spark of anger in their hearts

that will soon turn into a rage of flames.


I count in seconds if not minutes

each time they grow,

knowing that the memories i helped

imprint is something they will never

let go.


If you really knew me…

you’d know

That I can’t bear to do this alone.

That truth be told I’m scared,

to make this journey on my own.


But yet if I set the clock back,

new memories of different attacks

will come to be….

of lives that were never quite free.


I scarred my children

with scenes of filth.

Now all I have left is the pity

and the guilt.


So if you really knew me…


You’d see….

that it’s hard just to be….

knowing of what I have guided from.

Hoping that my children

are not products of what I have become.


If you really knew me…


© Copyrights August 26, 2011.  By Terri Johnson

Her Tears

Posted in Poetry on August 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson

Her Tears ~


They were messages sent from the dark.

Sent from hate to deliver straight from the heart.

She couldn’t just leave it.

She went to him.


Her curiosity got the best of her.

her anger was the spark.

It was only a matter of time,

before the shit hit the fan.


She got to the scene of the crime.

Yet she didn’t know it was

where the storm would erupt.

Thunder could be heard in the distance.


Violent shouts of spattered sound waves

reverberated throughout the night.

Waving fists were flown here and there.

Minutes past.

seconds slowly ticked by.


He grabbed her arms and held her

in his steel grip.

She could feel his anger

tremor throughout his body.


Her fear and anger mingled with

an uncertain tingle.

A pounding started in her head,

and followed a path straight to

her neck.


Like angry mosquito’s.



not giving an inch.


It was the calm before the storm.

The message that had been warned,

a telling she ignored.

For which now she has sworn,

her anger and justice scorned.


One night gone haywire.

a night inked in bloody fire.

A message of black satire.

A fate that turned dire.


Now only she pays the price.

Her hidden silence

of lies,

catching up to the bruises

and fallen tears that she cries.


Fallen tears that only she feels

hidden tears that only she can see.

Blinded tears that only fall

with the scene in her mind,

coming in cadence

with her fears.


©Copyright August 23, 2011.  By Terri Johnson

I’ am a P.O.E.T

Posted in Poetry on June 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson


I’ am a poet…

A person with extraordinary talent.

I spring words on a page.

I make them fall like rain.

Writing of life.

Giving word to the picture of strife.

Writing of pain.

Making this page my domain.

Writing of joy.

Which to some may annoy.

Writing of love.

The beat of the heart

I try speak of.

My words are like the wind.

Flowing effortlessly

and yet it comes from within.

My words are like snow,

Icy smooth from head to toe.

My words are like water.

Words that flow elegantly,

and never falter.

Rhyming a bit here.

Rhyming a bit there.

Spitting a little knowledge.

About the words,

that need to be acknowledged.

Trying to seek the word called art.

and bring to life

The feelings I impart.

Because hey…

I speak from my heart.

So you ask me why I write?

Because it’s my pen that shines bright,

Like wind it takes flight.

and with it creates life.

Words that hold a little bite.

Words that may have a little insight.

Words with power to ignite.

Because baby…

I‘ am a P.O.E.T,

And to write

Is my god given right!

© Copyright February 7, 2011.  By Terri Johnson.

Children Lost

Posted in Poetry on June 24, 2011 by Terri L. Johnson

Children Lost

I’ve seen the cries

in the eyes

of children’s lies.

A call for help

that is always denied.

Alone and destitute

homeless chaos and demise.

Lonely children

with a whispered voice.

One they did not

take on by choice.

A meagerless paradise lost.

A paradise in which they can never rejoice.

Freedom ripped in shreds.

No place or home

to call their own.

Instead a street they dread.

No love to be had,

and no hearts to be fed.

Children so weak,

themselves wishing they were dead.

A darkness with no light.

Youths struggling in the fight.

Wishing with all their might.

for a love,

which is their human right.

Tears of dirt and grime.

memories of innocence lost in time.

Children forced in lies.

homeless in chaos and demise.

Clothes ripped and torn.

drug induced frowns weakly worn.

streets be told

of chaos in the morn.

Lost in the streets.

souls whithered in defeat.

Homes scattered in concrete.

Children Lost

Bargained souls be their cost.

hearts given and freely tossed.

Children trapped in time.

Their tears mirror mine.

souls covered in grime.

My heart goes out to each

and everyone of you

in this rhyme!!!

© 2010  By Terri Johnson